Sylcom offers authentic expression of finest Italian craftsmanship, especially where Venetian tradition is concerned. Absolute magic, attained through the selection of precious materials, glass of the purest composition, skillfully crafted 24 Kt gold leaf, and metals hand-crafted in the in-house workshop. All this, combined with meticulous attention paid to design which, even though keeping to the canons of classical style, finds increasingly new inspirational motivations, variations on the theme and perpetual revisiting of shapes.

This significant acknowledgement is awarded based on a series of stringent controls and inspections and is the only certification which guarantees that the product has been manufactured entirely in Italy. All of sylcom products are sold with a guarantee certificate issued by promindustria S.p.a. Each certificate is printed with a progressive code number indicating product authenticity. 

Each stage of production, from preparing the glass mix to the various other production processes, are all performed by Sylcom with a particular focus on and care to legislation concerning the environment. Sylcom has decided to go one step further: the company has introduced an environment management policy designed to control and monitor production to ensure environmental issues connected to the various processes (from selection of the raw materials to monitoring emissions and energy consumption) are always kept under control and managed appropriately.